Wedding at the Mansion at Timber Point | Michelle & John

Michelle and John were married on April 9th, with a ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in East Islip followed by the wedding at the Mansion at Timber Point in Oakdale, a Lessing’s Catering venue.

I met Michelle years ago when she worked at the local market. Every Saturday, I would go in and buy batteries for a wedding. She was always the nicest, with a sweet smile on her face, and I would wait in line to see her before anyone else.

When one of her friends hired me to photograph her wedding, we were able to get to know each other outside of the store. After that wedding, she would always say, “John, when I meet Mr. Right, you’ll be our photographer.” She moved on to bigger and better things, and I no longer saw her in the store, but then last year, I got a call from her—she’d found Mr. Right! A year later, there we were, ready for Michelle to enter the church and marry John, and I knew he was perfect for her.

One of my favorite moments, maybe even of all time, was when Michelle was sitting on the trolley surrounded by her sisters and friends as they prepared to enter the church. She sat there looking out the window with such focus, and I knew she was thinking of John. Everything around her was moving so quickly, but it stopped for her in that moment, and I took a picture from both inside and outside the trolley to capture that moment.

After the ceremony, Michelle and John drove to the Mansion in John’s classic truck. John’s sister had painted “Just Married” on the tailgate, and the truck pulled a set of cans, like something out of a 1950’s movie. My assistant, Kristianna, was able to snap that picture as I drove behind them.

We stopped for a few more photos at the river. Even though it was raining, both Michelle and John had the biggest smiles on their faces—that’s just who they are: lovable, fun, and sweet!

Michelle & John, thank you for hiring to photograph your wedding—and Michelle, thank you for remembering me after you found Mr. Right.

Love John


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