Stonebridge Wedding | Heather + Chris

The perfect combination of fun and elegance is how I describe Heather and Chris’s wedding at the Stonebridge Country Club in Smithtown. Both are musically inclined and they had an eclectic guest list which included some of Chris’s band members.  You can always tell a great wedding by how many people dance and everyone danced the entire night.  One reason why I love a Stonebridge wedding so much is how pretty the grounds are.  The light falls across the golf course giving this beautiful warm light.  It’s stunning.  Now put Heather and Chris in the middle of that and just let them have fun. One of my favorite photos (well actually two photos) are those of Heather and her bridesmaids and then Chris and his groomsmen.  Both the boys and the girls know how to have fun and it shows!  I really have no idea what Chris and his groomsmen are doing but it looks amazing and it looks somewhat coordinated, although it materialized in a flash. Oh wait, I have another favorite photo. It’s a candid photo of Heather walking from her neighbors backyard with her two cousins helping her through the rose garden. Cousins helping cousins… you just gotta love family, plus heather looks absolutely stunning!

Check out the photos and leave me a comment.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Wedding Dress Rosary Cousin Dad First Reveal apply lipstick Cousins at the Wedding Wedding in the rose garden love the hat bow ties cutest little ring bearer ever First glance at bride dad escorts bride in the church first kiss as married couple happy couple leaves church Heather's students Heather and old car Chris makes heather laugh helping get into car prep for photos at stonebridge Bridal Party at Stonebridge Wedding Girls at Stonebridge Wedding Guys at Stonebridge Wedding Brothers at Stonebridge CC Wedding Stonebridge CC Wedding Photo Warm light a Stonebridge CC Wedding Photo Father and son wedding photo at Stonebridge cc Stonebridge Wedding Photos Boxing at Stonebridge Wedding Photos Hidden little spot at Stonebridge Wedding She's got him Cutest little guy ever Stonebridge wedding cake First dance at Stonebridge wedding First dance photos couple dancing at wedding at stonebridge cc sippy straw for bride Father Daughter Dance at Stonebridge Mother Son Dance at Stonebridge Wedding Hi There First dance


I really loved photographing Heather and Chris’ wedding.

– John Lennon

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  • Cathy - The photos are spectacular. We hardly knew a photographer was there as he blended so well with the wedding and was able to get some wonderfully candid and emotion filled shots. Priceless memories!ReplyCancel