Flowerfield Wedding Photography on Long Island

Getting married at Flowerfield meant that Ray and his crew could show up a little early and get in a few games of ultra-competitive “Sorry”. So this blog goes out to those men who realize that yes you can get the first photo in a wedding blog, just be cool… like Ray.

There is love and then there is LOVE! Michelle and Raymond are so deeply in LOVE. They are considerate, respectful, playful, emotional and caring to each other. When you meet them you can instantly see and feel it. When you meet their friends you see how contagious those qualities become. And, when you meet their families you know where it originated.

The photographs of their wedding are some of the favorite that I’ve ever taken. Not because of the quality but instead because of the moments that Michelle and Ray shared with everyone. It’s those moments that someday they will share with their children… reliving the stories from start to finish. Teaching their children to love and laugh, just as they were taught.

Michelle and Ray, thank you for hiring me.


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About Flowerfield event and venue catering: What a lovely bunch of people. They made everyone feel so comfortable. They were attentive, accommodating and fun to be around. I know that most places are Bride/Groom friendly (they have to be right?), but many places are not photographer friendly. Flowerfield is not that way at all. They are truly caring and want the perfect day for their couples. We have that and many other professional service requirements in common. Thank you Flowerfield… you were great!

Flowerfield Wedding Photography on Long Island


199 Mills Pond

St. James, NY 11780


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  • Michelle Goyco - These pictures just take my breath away. We are so lucky that we had you to capture all of these amazing moments. I keep looking at the pictures with a smile on my face and a heart full of so much love. We really can’t thank you enough!!ReplyCancel