Chateau Briand Wedding | Jackie & Brandon

Jackie and Brandon were married on July 2nd, with a ceremony and reception at the Chateau Briand in Carle Place, NY. It was the perfect day for this Chateau Briand Wedding.

This wedding was a little different as I never met Jackie or Brandon before the big day because they live out of state. Fortunately, I felt like I knew them as I worked closely with Jackie’s mom and dad in planning. The first thing her parents did upon meeting me was to bring out an album of images from Brandon’s surprise proposal to Jackie in Central Park. Their favorite image was the one that captured the look on Jackie’s face as she turned around to see Brandon get down on one knee. You could see her face lighting up in that moment. As we looked through their proposal photos, I could see the genuine love that these two share. As well, I could see the huge smiles on their parents’ faces as they showed off the album. By the time I left, I had heard so much about all their kids that I felt like I was friends with each one of them. I loved every second of it. They spoke about their kids with such admiration, pride, and love. It’s because of families like this that I got into photographing weddings in the first place.

On the day of the wedding, I walked into the room where Jackie was getting ready, and I could instantly see that same feeling of unity and love and support. This was especially true from her sister, the maid of honor, who helped with the shoes, the veil, and the laughs! After that, I headed to Brandon’s room to meet his guys. His first question to me was how Jackie was doing. I loved that he first wanted to know about Jackie!  That was sweet. After he knew everything was going smoothly upstairs, Brandon and his guys all fell back into their smart, quick-witted jokes. I love smart and I love smart with a sense of humor.

By the time we got to the reception, it was clear that this couple knew how to have a blast and how to laugh. Jackie and Brandon hired the Skyline Orchestra for the night, and everyone danced the night away. The whole wedding reception was off-the-charts fun and the dance party never stopped!

Jackie and Brandon, thank you so much for listening to the recommendation from your parents and hiring me. I had a blast at your wedding.

Love, John

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Reception Location:

Chateau Briand Caterers, 440 Old Country Rd, Carle Place, NY 11514

If you are looking for a pretty wedding venue with great food and atmosphere.  Check them out.  Also, don’t forget to check out Skyline Orchestra for your wedding.

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