Bedell Cellars Wedding | SHE LIGHTS UP THE ROOM

How would your dad describe you?  At Carly and Brennan’s chic Bedell Cellars wedding, Mr. Lustig eloquently described Carly as the girl who lights up a room. I couldn’t agree more.  Just look at the smile on her face. That smile easily set the tone for the day. From the first photo of the day until the last, Brennan and Carly were determined to have a ton of fun at their wedding. Bedell Cellars, again, delivered the most amazing backdrop on Long Island for a wedding. I could tell you story after story about little moments occurring during the day, but I think the photos do that, so I won’t bore you with the verbiage.   I hope you enjoy Carly and Brennan’s Bedell Cellars wedding photos. I enjoyed taking them.

Shout out to Kerri Dornicik who did some amazing second photographer work for me.  Thanks Kerri!

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Bedell Cellars Wedding was held at:

Bedell Cellars, 36225 NY-25, Cutchogue, NY 11935, (631) 734-7537

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