Tiara and Nick were married on September 27th, with a ceremony and reception at the Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, MI and I’m so happy for them.  They are two people who love to laugh, smile and have fun together and with others.  Nick has even been known to hide in a dark hallway and jump out to scare Tiara’s dad.  That’s the kinda stuff that will get you bonus points with me and the kind of humor that is cruel and yet you can’t help but love it.  See the video here: VIDEO

Nick and Tiara met during an island-hopping tour through the Greek Islands. After the trip, the entire group stayed in contact on Facebook, and about 6 months later, Nick contacted Tiara for advice on where to travel in the United States. He was from Brisbane, Australia, so he did not know where to go. Being from Detroit, Tiara not-so-discreetly suggested that he visit Michigan.

After that, they pursued a long-distance relationship and traveled back and forth for over a year before at last she moved to Australia. About two years later, her parents came to visit for the first time, and they took them to a beautiful island called Tangalooma, known for its man-made reef of sunken ships. As dolphins jumped in the background, Nick knelt down in the sand and proposed!

I was particularly excited about this wedding because Tiara is my niece, so as I watched her getting ready at her childhood home, I could tell the memories of the area meant the world to her. We got some pictures at the house before we headed 45 minutes away to the Planterra Conservatory for the touching ceremony.

It was amazing throughout the day to watch this girl that I love as she married such a wonderful, caring man that I know will take good care of her. There were so many wonderful moments, but I have two favorites. One is the moment when Nick read and opened a card and gift from Tiara. He’s a strong man who wears his heart on his sleeve, and the emotion was evident in his face. The second is when Tiara looked up and saw Nick as she was walking down the aisle, and it was impossible for her to fight back the tears of joy.

Tiara, when I asked you if I could shoot your wedding, you said you wanted me to relax and be part of the day as family, not your photographer. I’m so glad that you changed your mind, because you blessed me with all those beautiful behind-the-scenes moments that I could never experience as a guest. I love you and Nick.

Love, Uncle John.

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Dress- Elizabeth DeVarga
Veil- Lucy and Lace
Jewelry- BHLDN
Cake- Mannino’s Bakery
Catering/Flowers/Venue- The Planterra Conservatory
DJ- Mike Staff Productions
Suits- Studio 196
Men’s Shoes- David Jones