Kirstyn and Ryan were married on December 5th, with a ceremony at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in East Islip and a reception at the Hamlet Golf and Country Club.

Kirstyn and Ryan are a fun, quick-witted couple who just love to laugh with one another. They have a wonderful dry quality to their jokes and I really appreciate the subtle nature of a joke that few people will understand.  Not only will that tend to keep me on my toes but it also keeps me in-tune as I wait for the next joke. Their bridal party was just as much fun, and I really just let them laugh with each other as I moved around them capturing photos. My favorite moment of the day, though, was when Ryan put on Kirstyn’s faux fur wrap. It made everyone laugh, and sometimes, that’s the best thing to do at a wedding—just laugh with your friends and family.

Speaking of family, I made a special point to get pictures with Kirstyn and her brother as well as Ryan and his two brothers, because they all played such a big part in the wedding. Additionally, I was especially glad to capture the moment Kirstyn’s dad shed a tear during the ceremony. It was clear that family played a huge role in the wedding, including a few unexplained things that happened and I can only describe as sign from above.

Now, I’m not a superstitious person, but throughout the wedding day, a few things happened to make me believe the relatives and friends who had passed on were there with them. For example, I asked Ryan’s mother if I could use an old table to set up Kirstyn’s invitation, even though that table held a TV and some cable equipment. It was totally out of character for me to ask someone to take the TV off a stand just to get a few detail photos. I found out later that the table belonged to Kirstyn’s grandmother and was a precious heirloom! It made everyone feel comforted that she may have helped in the decision to use her table.

Once the reception started, the party kicked it up a notch with some amazing dance moves and laughter for all.

Kirstyn & Ryan, I will always remember how you treated your friends and family with the highest amount of kindness, love and… LAUGHTER. Thank you for hiring me. 

Love, John

Hamlet Golf and Country Club Wedding, Lennon Photo Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0003 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0004 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0005 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0006 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0007 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0008 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0009 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0010 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0011 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0012 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0013 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0014 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0015 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0016 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0017 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0018 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0019 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0020 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0021 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0022 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0023 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0024 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0025 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0026 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0027 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0028 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0029 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0030 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0031 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0032 Hamlet-Golf-and-Country-Club-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0033