Jennifer and Jon were married on June 6th, with a ceremony at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church and a reception at the Mansion at Timber Point in Great River, NY.

These two beautiful people met online and were absolutely inseparable as soon as they met in person. Jon proposed near the Elizabeth Morton Wildlife Refuge in Sag Harbor when they walked out together into the water on the beach nearby. Water was so important in Jennifer and Jon’s lives.  Jennifer grew up on a little channel leading into the Great South Bay of Long Island and both Jon and Jen choose the Mansion at Timber Point because of the beautiful water vistas.

I was especially excited about doing a wedding at Timber Point, because that is where I had my reception with my lovely and constantly amazing wife, Carrie. When I’m there, I can feel the moments drawing on my heart, and I always feel like I’m in touch with the most important memories. Timber Point makes me feel like I have a superhero heart—memories become so easy to see, like I’m watching the day unfold in slow motion. And every moment reminds me of my wife and the day I’ll never forget.

When I arrived for the wedding, I fell in love with Jennifer’s look. She had gone classic and vintage—with the most beautiful pearls, a touch of silver, and some blinged-out shoes. I knew from the start that many of the photos of the day would be black and white—timeless and classic

My favorite part of the day happened just after we took some sweet couple pictures. We were heading back inside when I paused and asked Jen if I could spend just a few extra minutes with her for bridal portraits. We had so much fun! I would say, “Give me…quiet confidence,” and she would try for about a second and then laugh. Then I’d say, “Now give me…stoic indifference.” And again, she would laugh. By the end of our 5-minute shoot of me shouting out ridiculous word combinations, I had a ton of pictures of Jen laughing and one simply stunning photo of Jen’s inturpretation of “classic quiet, confidence, stoicism”, and even though I have no idea what that means—I got the shot I knew Jen would love.

I also absolutely loved the images of Jen dancing with her dad and Jon dancing with his mom. It reminded me of dancing with my mom in the same spot on my wedding day.

Jen & Jon, thank you for the trust you gave me. I loved taking every photo. Love, John

Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0001 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0002 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0003 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0004 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0005 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0006 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0007 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0008 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0009 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0010 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0011 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0012 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0013Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0001-1 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0015 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0016 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0017 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0018 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0019 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0020 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0021 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0022 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0023 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0024 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0025 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0026 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0027 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0028 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0029 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0030 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0031 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0032 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0033 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0034 Mansion-at-Timber-Point-Wedding-John-Lennon-Photography_0035


Dress: Vera Wang at David’s Bridal
Shoes: Davids Bridal
Jewelery: purchased on etsy from JamJewels1
Cake: Rolling Pin Bakery
Catering: All catering done at Timber Point, which is a Lessings-owned venue.
Flowers: Burtons