Joanna and Chris were married on a beautiful fall day with a ceremony and reception at Giorgio’s at Baiting Hollow.

October on Long Island really is the perfect backdrop for a wedding. I’m so happy that these two were treated to such a warm fall day for their wedding.

Leading up to the wedding, Joanna and I had spoken on the phone about all the details that would make her wedding perfect.  She discussed everything from the pumpkin-spiced beer to the flowers to the classic car at the end of the night. All these little things combined to make one spectacular wedding. I don’t think I ever saw Joanna that day without a smile on her face! I thought what a great day to remember as you start the rest of your life.

One of my favorite moments of the day was actually at the very beginning of the wedding, just after Joanna put on her dress. She walked over to the window and looked out—and I managed to snap a few photos right as the light came across her dress. I loved that moment! I also loved that they had the cocktail hour outside at Giorgio’s at Baiting Hollow.  The weather was so perfect for late October and their friends and family really enjoyed the view.  Furthermore, the sunset as they drove away at the end of the night was amazing!

Thank you, Joanna & Chris, for hiring me. I’ll always remember the warm fall day and the smiles on your faces.

Love, John

Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0002 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0003 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0004 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0005 Giorgios at Baiting Hollow Wedding, Lennon Photo Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0007 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0008 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0009 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0010 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0011 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0012 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0013 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0014 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0015 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0016 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0017 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0018 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0019 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0020 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0021 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0022 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0023 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0024 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0025 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0026 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0027 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0028 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0029 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0030 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0031 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0032 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0033 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0034 Giorgios-at-Baiting-Hollow-Wedding-Lennon-Photo_0035

Reception Information:

Giorgio’s at Baiting Hollow, 100 Fox Hill Dr, Calverton, NY 11933

Their is one thing that I always say about Giorgio’s weddings, the staff really treat you like gold.  They are top shelf in the wedding industry.