Caitlin’s marriage to Tom “the bomb” on Fire Island was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever had the privilege to photograph. When I met Caitlin she said “We’re getting married on Fire Island and it’s going to be a blast.” Caitlin and Tom both grew up vacationing on Fire Island. It’s where they met, worked, played and the place they treasured so much that they had to have their wedding there. It wasn’t until we walked down the streets of Ocean Beach that I realized that Caitlin and Tom were more than just weekend visitors to the beach town. Every, and I mean every, business had a sign in their window congratulating the newlyweds. They were hailed with cheers from the rooftops, open windows and darting bike riders. Hell, everyone knew Tom and Caitlin and everyone was stoked about the party that was about to ensue. I asked myself, are these two the mayors of Ocean Beach?

Long words can’t describe their magnificent wedding day but luckily they hired me, so the photos can. That’s a joke so everyone calm down.

Amazing help from Amanda Barbara Events made the day run on time and super smooth! Thank you Caitlin and Tom for hiring me… I did have a blast!

Fire Island Wedding and Reception at Maguire’s

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