Dianna and John were married on September 13th, with a ceremony and reception at East Wind Long Island in Wading River.

When I first met John, he told me that he didn’t like to get his picture taken—he felt uncomfortable around cameras, and I get it; that’s completely natural for some people. But we decided to do an engagement session together to get used to each other, and it was so interesting to see how Dianna’s mere presence around John made him instantly more comfortable. They looked the most natural when they were just having unprompted moments together, and it was clear every time their eyes met that you could practically see the puzzle pieces fitting together in those moments. That was when I could see the compassion, understanding, comfort, and true love that they shared.

On a beautiful late summer day, I met up with Dianna’s friends and family at her childhood home while she was getting ready for the wedding. Her sister, Christie, was there for every second of the day, and I was touched by the closeness between the two as Christie helped with everything from getting out the door on time to giving hugs and laughter where needed. John’s sister, Valerie, was on the other side doing the same for John as well, and it was this thoughtfulness that left a lasting impression on me.

Just before the ceremony, John was quiet and calm, but I could tell he was anxious. But as Dianna walked down the aisle, I watched as John was hit with emotion and could hardly contain himself. Dianna smiled at him as she walked down the aisle, and that was all he needed—it was obvious from the pictures after that moment that she was all he needed. She would just hold his hand or snuggle up to him, and he was fine.

It was like that throughout the day—the two of them would catch each other’s eye and anchor each other, and there was such pure emotion that I never had to resort to phony poses. They just had to look at each other, and that was it.

Dianna and John, thank you for hiring me. I loved photographing your wedding day! 

Love John

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