Winter’s Song.

As I reminisce over so many fantastic memories of this summer, I can’t help but to rejoice over how winter makes me feel. My children’s anticipation for snow is a trigger for remembering so many wonderful and cozy winter moments in my life. Hot chocolate, thermals and a warm fire were common place. Days and nights outside with friends, where I lost the ability to grip because my hands were so cold. Even zipping up my coat was an impossible task… “mom – help”! The glimpse of a nightly snow fall and then the impossible task of falling asleep because of the hope I had for the morning. Breaking icicles off the roof and the personal goal to preserve them, intact and whole. It was never the biggest icicle, but it was also never the smallest… mission accomplished. The gathering of family and friends never took place with a slow walk in the door, it was always a run. I know that was due to the cold, but it seems like a more intimate and inviting way to greet someone.

I took a walk with my daughter the other day and I froze. She did not. I just smiled.

Maggie Snow 2011