The Royalton Mansion Wedding | Anne + Josh

I MISSED YOU – Those were the first words from Anne to Josh on their wedding day.  They had an amazing wedding at the Royalton Mansion in Roslyn and I was lucky enough to be their wedding photographer.  One thing I love about my life is spending the day with a wedding couple and picking up on those subtle moments that define a couple.  As Anne walked up to Josh and tapped him on the shoulder for the reveal, she said “I Missed You”.  They both missed each other so much and they we so happy to see each other.  Their happiness carried the day!  Capturing their wedding day moments stated with photography at the Royalton Mansion and then we headed over to the Planting Fields Arboretum for some really fun wedding photos.


My most favorite shot is the staircase photo and we were trying to get it all day long, but I go with the flow and the flow didn’t seem to want us to get that shot.  Thankfully we caught a few minutes to get some really cool photographs at the Royalton Mansion.  That place is so beautiful!


Please take a look and let me know what you think of the wedding photographs.

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