Greenport Wedding Photos | Myra + Brett

What a perfect day for a wedding and wedding photography in Greenport.  Myra had a very specific request for all COLOR pictures.  Most of my clients enjoy the occasional black and white and sepia, but I know there must be a reason for this request.  Well when we arrived at Scrimshaw Restaurant, I found out why.  Myra personally decorated the reception with bright colors, yellow, green and white!  It was so beautiful.  Nice job, Myra.  This was a small wedding with southern quaint personal touch and Chef Rosa Ross created the perfect cuisine.  And I know what you’re going to say about the little flower girl crying at St Patricks of Southold.  I know… seems cruel to laugh as she cried, but what can I say.  Please enjoy the photos of their wedding!  I enjoyed taking them.


Wedding photos in Greenport

Greenport Wedding