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March 14, 2016 - 7:37 pm

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Fire Island Wedding | Caitlin and Tom

Caitlin’s marriage to Tom “the bomb” on Fire Island was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever had the privilege to photograph. When I met Caitlin she said “We’re getting married on Fire Island and it’s going to be a blast.” Caitlin and Tom both grew up vacationing on Fire Island. It’s where they met, worked, played and the place they treasured so much that they had to have their wedding there. It wasn’t until we walked down the streets of Ocean Beach that I realized that Caitlin and Tom were more than just weekend visitors to the beach town. Every, and I mean every, business had a sign in their window congratulating the newlyweds. They were hailed with cheers from the rooftops, open windows and darting bike riders. Hell, everyone knew Tom and Caitlin and everyone was stoked about the party that was about to ensue. I thought to myself, these two are obviously the mayors of Ocean Beach.

Long words can’t describe their magnificent wedding day but luckily they hired me, so the photos can. That’s a joke so everyone calm down.

Amazing help from Amanda Barbara Events made the day run on time and super smooth! Thank you Caitlin and Tom for hiring me… I did have a blast!

Fire Island Wedding 003Fire Island Wedding 005Fire Island Wedding 011Fire Island Wedding 013Fire Island Wedding 015Fire Island Wedding 016Fire Island Wedding 021Fire Island Wedding 024Fire Island Wedding 027Fire Island Wedding 030Fire Island Wedding 033Fire Island Wedding 043Fire Island Wedding 045Fire Island Wedding 046Fire Island Wedding 047Fire Island Wedding 050Fire Island Wedding 053Fire Island Wedding 054Fire Island Wedding 055Fire Island Wedding 056Fire Island Wedding 059Fire Island Wedding 065Fire Island Wedding 066Fire Island Wedding 067Fire Island Wedding 068Fire Island Wedding 071Fire Island Wedding 072Fire Island Wedding 073Fire Island Wedding 074Fire Island Wedding 075Fire Island Wedding 076Fire Island Wedding 078Fire Island Wedding 083Fire Island Wedding 085Fire Island Wedding 090Fire Island Wedding 091Fire Island Wedding 095Fire Island Wedding 098Fire Island Wedding 099Fire Island Wedding 100Fire Island Wedding 101Fire Island Wedding 102Fire Island Wedding 105Fire Island Wedding 106Fire Island Wedding 107Fire Island Wedding 108Fire Island Wedding 109Fire Island Wedding 110Fire Island Wedding 114Fire Island Wedding 118Fire Island Wedding 120Fire Island Wedding 122Fire Island Wedding 123Fire Island Wedding 128Fire Island Wedding 129Fire Island Wedding 131Fire Island Wedding 133Fire Island Wedding 136Fire Island Wedding 142Fire Island Wedding 143Fire Island Wedding 145Fire Island Wedding 147Fire Island Wedding 148Fire Island Wedding 149Fire Island Wedding 150Fire Island Wedding 151Fire Island Wedding 154Fire Island Wedding 155Fire Island Wedding 156Fire Island Wedding 157Fire Island Wedding 158Fire Island Wedding 159Fire Island Wedding 160Fire Island Wedding 161Fire Island Wedding 162Fire Island Wedding 165Fire Island Wedding 166Fire Island Wedding 168Fire Island Wedding 169Fire Island Wedding 171Fire Island Wedding 172Fire Island Wedding 174Fire Island Wedding 178Fire Island Wedding 179Fire Island Wedding 180Fire Island Wedding 181Fire Island Wedding 184Fire Island Wedding 185Fire Island Wedding 187Fire Island Wedding 188Fire Island Wedding 191Fire Island Wedding 194Fire Island Wedding 195Fire Island Wedding 196Fire Island Wedding 197Fire Island Wedding 199Fire Island Wedding 200Fire Island Wedding 201Fire Island Wedding 202Fire Island Wedding 203Fire Island Wedding 204Fire Island Wedding 206Fire Island Wedding 210Fire Island Wedding 212Fire Island Wedding 213


January 14, 2015 - 12:02 am

Daniel Lennon - Cool

Winter’s Song.

As I reminisce over so many fantastic memories of this summer, I can’t help but to rejoice over how winter makes me feel. My children’s anticipation for snow is a trigger for remembering so many wonderful and cozy winter moments in my life. Hot chocolate, thermals and a warm fire were common place. Days and nights outside with friends, where I lost the ability to grip because my hands were so cold. Even zipping up my coat was an impossible task… “mom – help”! The glimpse of a nightly snow fall and then the impossible task of falling asleep because of the hope I had for the morning. Breaking icicles off the roof and the personal goal to preserve them, intact and whole. It was never the biggest icicle, but it was also never the smallest… mission accomplished. The gathering of family and friends never took place with a slow walk in the door, it was always a run. I know that was due to the cold, but it seems like a more intimate and inviting way to greet someone.

I took a walk with my daughter the other day and I froze. She did not. I just smiled.

Maggie Snow 2011

Bellport Country Club Wedding | Sue and James

Sue and James were married at the Bellport Country Club. This wedding location is so unique because it has access to a private beach overlooking the Great South Bay. On a nice day you are welcomed with a glimpse of Fire Island in the distance. The location is so peaceful and calm which is probably why Sue and James chose it for their wedding day. As for the photography, I could not think of a more beautiful location to photograph their wedding. Music and teaching are two things that drew Sue and James together and they decided to theme their wedding around their passion in life. James’ daughter, Lily, also played a major role throughout the day and Sue was so great to include her in every important moment. Guests signed real albums with good wishes for the newly married couple and a yellow school bus was the transportation throughout the day. During the ceremony the sun was setting and it created a beautiful warm, yellow tint in the sky. Those wedding photos are some of my favorites.Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0002Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0003Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0004Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0005Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0008Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0009Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0013Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0014Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0015Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0017Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0019Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0020Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0021Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0022Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0023Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0024Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0026Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0026aBellport County Club Wedding Photos_0027Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0028Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0030Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0031Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0032Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0033Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0034Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0035Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0036Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0037Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0038Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0039Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0040Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0041Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0042Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0043Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0044Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0045Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0046Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0047Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0049Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0050Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0051Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0052Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0053Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0054Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0055Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0056Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0057Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0059Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0061Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0062Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0063Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0065Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0066Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0067Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0068Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0069Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0071Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0072Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0074Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0075Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0077Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0078Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0079Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0080Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0081Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0082Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0083Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0084Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0085Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0086Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0087Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0088Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0089Bellport County Club Wedding Photos_0090

Bedell Cellars Wedding | Crystal and Eric

This wedding was a once in a life time event for me to photograph. Crystal and Eric met in high school and Crystal instantly knew that someday she would marry Eric. Both are so thoughtful that they knew their wedding must be centered on family and friends.  They wanted a wedding where their guests were treated to a day of fun and sophistication. They found their perfect location at Bedell Cellars. There is no place in the county like Bedell Cellars for a wedding.  The ceremony at Bedell is anchored around an old maple tree that spreads an inviting canopy over the service.  As your guests leave the ceremony they are treated to an elevated vista over the vineyard, which is breathtaking and calming. From sunsets that cross the vineyard to a functional barrel room that is the backdrop of amazing photos, I love every part of Bedell.

John and Nikki at Catering by a Small Affair were instrumental in creating the look and feel that Crystal and Eric wanted.  They combined the feel of the outdoors with the elegance of a royal wedding.  The table setting were the most unique I’ve ever seen, with mismatched crystal glasses, antique china and silver dinnerware.  No two place settings were the same.  Then when it came to the food there is no better chef than Nikki.  She created the ideal menu for a light and savory dinner.  Don’t let “light” fool you though… the food never stopped coming out of the kitchen and every guest was completely satisfied.  I even got a chance to taste the scallops and crab cake sliders – yummy!

The atmosphere of the location and the amazing service only tell part of the story.  Crystal and Eric are the ones who set the tone and mood for the night. It all started as the day began when Crystal first saw Eric.  After that it was easy to get swept up in their love for each other.

Thank you to Kevin Markland who was the second photographer for the day.  Kevin, you did an amazing job! And thank you to Matt Murphy Lighting for your expertise in lighting design and décor. The lighting scheme perfectly blended together the beauty of Bedell Cellars and the personalities of Crystal and Eric.Bedell Cellars Wedding 0001Bedell Cellars Wedding 0002Bedell Cellars Wedding 0003Bedell Cellars Wedding 0004Bedell Cellars Wedding 0005Bedell Cellars Wedding 0006Bedell Cellars Wedding 0007Bedell Cellars Wedding 0008Bedell Cellars Wedding 0009Bedell Cellars Wedding 0010Bedell Cellars Wedding 0011Bedell Cellars Wedding 0012Bedell Cellars Wedding 0013Bedell Cellars Wedding 0014Bedell Cellars Wedding 0015Bedell Cellars Wedding 0016Bedell Cellars Wedding 0017Bedell Cellars Wedding 0018Bedell Cellars Wedding 0019Bedell Cellars Wedding 0020Bedell Cellars Wedding 0021Bedell Cellars Wedding 0022Bedell Cellars Wedding 0023Bedell Cellars Wedding 0024Bedell Cellars Wedding 0025Bedell Cellars Wedding 0026Bedell Cellars Wedding 0027Bedell Cellars Wedding 0028Bedell Cellars Wedding 0029Bedell Cellars Wedding 0030Bedell Cellars Wedding 0031Bedell Cellars Wedding 0032Bedell Cellars Wedding 0033Bedell Cellars Wedding 0034Bedell Cellars Wedding 0035Bedell Cellars Wedding 0036Bedell Cellars Wedding 0037Bedell Cellars Wedding 0038Bedell Cellars Wedding 0039Bedell Cellars Wedding 0040Bedell Cellars Wedding 0041Bedell Cellars Wedding 0042Bedell Cellars Wedding 0043Bedell Cellars Wedding 0044Bedell Cellars Wedding 0045Bedell Cellars Wedding 0046Bedell Cellars Wedding 0047Bedell Cellars Wedding 0048Bedell Cellars Wedding 0049Bedell Cellars Wedding 0050Bedell Cellars Wedding 0051Bedell Cellars Wedding 0052Bedell Cellars Wedding 0053Bedell Cellars Wedding 0054Bedell Cellars Wedding 0055Bedell Cellars Wedding 0056Bedell Cellars Wedding 0057Bedell Cellars Wedding 0058Bedell Cellars Wedding 0059Bedell Cellars Wedding 0060Bedell Cellars Wedding 0061Bedell Cellars Wedding 0062Bedell Cellars Wedding 0063Bedell Cellars Wedding 0064Bedell Cellars Wedding 0065Bedell Cellars Wedding 0066Bedell Cellars Wedding 0067Bedell Cellars Wedding 0068Bedell Cellars Wedding 0069Bedell Cellars Wedding 0070Bedell Cellars Wedding 0071Bedell Cellars Wedding 0072Bedell Cellars Wedding 0073Bedell Cellars Wedding 0074Bedell Cellars Wedding 0075Bedell Cellars Wedding 0076Bedell Cellars Wedding 0077Bedell Cellars Wedding 0078Bedell Cellars Wedding 0079Bedell Cellars Wedding 0080Bedell Cellars Wedding 0081Bedell Cellars Wedding 0082Bedell Cellars Wedding 0083Bedell Cellars Wedding 0084Bedell Cellars Wedding 0085Bedell Cellars Wedding 0086Bedell Cellars Wedding 0087Bedell Cellars Wedding 0088Bedell Cellars Wedding 0089Bedell Cellars Wedding 0090Bedell Cellars Wedding 0091Bedell Cellars Wedding 0092Bedell Cellars Wedding 0093Bedell Cellars Wedding 0094Bedell Cellars Wedding 0095Bedell Cellars Wedding 0096Bedell Cellars Wedding 0097Bedell Cellars Wedding 0098Bedell Cellars Wedding 0099Bedell Cellars Wedding 0100Bedell Cellars Wedding 0101Bedell Cellars Wedding 0102Bedell Cellars Wedding 0103Bedell Cellars Wedding 0104Bedell Cellars Wedding 0105Bedell Cellars Wedding 0106Bedell Cellars Wedding 0107Bedell Cellars Wedding 0108Bedell Cellars Wedding 0109Bedell Cellars Wedding 0110

December 31, 2014 - 4:12 am

Crys N Eric - This was the most beautiful day of our 12yrs together and you captured every second of it. You both are a pleasure to work with and extremely creative and talented. Thank you for everything. Love Crys & Eric.

Our finest handmade album for private collections.

Our Couture series of albums are as good as it gets.  A fine art album, designed with an open spine and bound with French silk strands.  The paper is an exquisitely made museum quality cotton fiber paper. The paper is rare and when it marries to the ink during the printing process, the result is a work of art. With 300 pages included, there is no better way to tell your wedding story.  Several covers are available but I love the one shown below;  a weathered prairie leather.

Long Island Photographer_0014

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