Kristin and Jonathan were married on June 3rd, with a ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in East Islip and the wedding reception at the Bellport Country Club. I always love photographing a Bellport Country Club Wedding.

These two, simply put, belong together—they are two peas in a pod. They were both excellent athletes in high school and college and share matching go-with-the-flow personalities. Not only that but these two sweet people have strong, loving, and supportive families, especially their siblings, and they make friends for life. With that kind of background of love, it’s easy to see how strong their own love will be.

Before the day had even started, the threat of bad weather was looming over our heads. We had hoped to get most of the photos after the ceremony outside, and thankfully, our day was rain-free outside of the quick dash into the church itself—where Kristin’s dad helped her by holding the umbrella for her. In fact, just as we were about to take some pictures with just Kristin and Jonathan, the sun came out and shed the slightest touch of light on them!

During the candle lighting ceremony, both mothers went to present Kristin and Jonathan with the candles for lighting the main candle. Well, they brought over the two lit candles and then proceeded to light the main candle themselves. The entire church laughed as the two mothers blew out the main candle, re-lit the two candles, and then backed away from the altar. Kristin and Jonathan burst into laughter, and even the priest said he had never seen anything like it!

Jonathan’s one request for the wedding day was that they ride in a Classic Cadillac to the Club. He’s always loved that model, and he wanted a few pictures of just himself and the car—now that was funny! I also got a few pictures of the two of them, and the car, before the party.

Later in the evening, Kristin’s sister and Jonathan’s brother delivered the most heartfelt speeches. Like I said before, these two clearly have such a strong background of love and support with their family and friends, and it’s amazing to see firsthand.

Kristin and Jonathan, I loved being your photographer. Your family and friends were so much fun and so loving, and I truly enjoyed every moment! Thank you for hiring me. 

Love, John

Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0002 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0003 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0004 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0005 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0006 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0007 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0008 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0009 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0010 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0011 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0012 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0013 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0014 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0015 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0016 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0017 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0018 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0019 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0020 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0021 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0022 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0023 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0024 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0025 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0026 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0027 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0028 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0029 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0030 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0031 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0032 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0033 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0034 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0035 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0036 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0037 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0038 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0039 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0040 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0041 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0042 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0043 Bellport-Country-Club-Wedding-Long-Island-Lennon-Photo_0044


Reception: Bellport Country Club, 40 S Country Rd, Bellport, NY 11713

Cinemotography: John Bilsk @ Bilski Productions

Music by: Barratinni Productions