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About - Lennon Photo

Who are we? 

We are brothers who are creative and artistic.
We love to take elegant and natural looking photographs.

We find natural light to be so pretty, but we are not afraid to drop some off camera flash on you… if we have to.

We believe that each bride and groom have a unique story to tell.

We love to joke around and our best friends are quick witted, clever and smart. They also like to barbecue and hangout by the fire pit.
We love family and often just pop in on them for a quick chat and some wine.  Yummy wine!

Our kids will hide in a closet for 30+ minutes and then just as you’re about to grab your jacket, they’ll jump out and scare the sh#t out of you. That kind of behavior gets rewarded in our family.
We spell curse words like sh#t with a hash-tag because we are afraid of losing our Google Ranking.

Snow days are our most favorite time of year.

Our pets are loved.
Dan can play guitar and I can listen. Dan can ski and ride dirt bikes. I can’t. I love to lower my basketball hoop to 7 ft and dunk like crazy. Neighbors don’t join in because I’ll trash talk them.  I find that hilarious.

My brother and I fight, just like most siblings. It’s usually about business and I’m normally right, or at least that is what I think.

We will never settle for second best and neither should you.

We will deliver the most heartwarming, fun and exciting moments to you.  Most of the time you’ll never knew we took the picture.
We will not over pose you…  and we will not leave you hanging.
Some of our clients are shy and some are not.  Everyone gets beautiful photos, we don’t discriminate.

Sometimes, simply holding hands can be everything.

My name is John and my brother is Dan. We are Lennon Photo.  Call us, we’d love to chat.



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